Downloading, Installing and Updating Maps on GPS Devices

There used to be a time when trying to get somewhere you don’t know had many challenges especially when it comes to finding your way with the aid of a paper map. If you were driving, you just had no other option but to park, bring out your map and probably spread it on your car’s hood just to know where exactly you were. Of course, this could really get you frustrated. It is a different story today. Thanks to GPS Navigation, one no longer has to go through this kind of stress anymore.

Although there are so many GPS handheld devices in the market with many GPS software providers; however, the software provider might not have the device you need and the device maker might not have the software intended. There are some dishonest merchants that even install cracked or trial software in their GPS units as the real software.

Have total control by downloading maps for free

Now that you have bought a GPS unit and you are trying to select the right software to use, the question is which of them is most suitable for you?

There are several providers who do a very good job in this area all over the world and you can search the internet to check. You can check websites where you can find a lot of credible sellers of this software. You can also ask friends, colleagues and search information on discussion forums.

A few credible GPS software providers are IGO, Magellan, Route 66 and TomTom.

Download GPS Maps free

You could either spend much money on a manufacturer’s software or just download it online for free. The choice is yours.

How to Install

  1. Insert the SD card with the software is on into the SD card slot. When you put on the device, the screen shows you several media options like music, settings, GPS, photo, video, and flash.
  2. Select the setting option and tap the setting image to enter the setting menu.
  3. In the settings menu, you have to find the navigational path option which should be on the first page of options otherwise, press the arrow button to see if it’s in the second menu.
  4. In the file selection menu, look for a .exe file to initiate the GPS software.
  5. A folder should appear on the screen just the same way it does on the computer screen. Double click on this folder to see its contents and search for the file marked .exe.
  6. Once you see it, double click on it and it will take you back to the screen by a step back.
  7. Now, you will notice that this time on the screen, there will be a file listed on it. All that is needed is to save that file.
  8. Exit the settings menu and go back the main menu then select GPS option and your map is there, perfectly installed.

On, there are several GPS Navigation map software for sale which is the latest IGO 8, Primo My way NavGear APK/Navitel/Sygic GPS navigation maps software and micro SD for cars. The software is compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellite system, supports offline navigation, compatible with Windows CE (Wince) 6.0 and Android system which can work in several countries line USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE), South America and Central America.

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