Care for Your Car- Best Car Batteries 1

Care for Your Car- Best Car Batteries


All of us pick a car quite carefully only after assessing and evaluating many.  Every time we start our car, it is the car battery that makes our car roar to life and take us places. Car batteries last for years. But once it is through with functioning after all the years, a bit of research would help find what battery could best replace it. Besides the type of battery, there are other factors that count while making the decision.

The most important thing is to ensure that you go for a battery that is brand new. Any battery that is six months or older isn’t recommended. This is because as batteries get old, they lose their strength and efficiency. This would definitely affect your ride. Also find out the battery life and its reserve capacity. A poor battery life would again cause the hassle of having to buy a new one sooner than we are supposed to.

Since you are shelling out a lot of money when you buy a car battery, make sure you go for the one with best warranty and guarantee plans. Any disturbances in function would then be handled without further spending money.

Best car batteries are about what they are made of, what they do, and how justified their price is. The most common types of batteries are given below.

Wet or flooded battery

These batteries are reasonable and quite extensively used lately because they require less amount of maintenance.  They are completely sealed and there is no need to refill them with water or any service of that sort. They range from $50 to $700.

Lithium ion battery

Lithium ion batteries are used in exclusive and high end cars like Ferrari. They have a very long life, and can take frequent charging quite well. But what makes them less chosen for normal cars is their price. They come for around $1500 while a conventional battery could be bought for $300.

Calcium-calcium battery

These batteries are the cheapest out of all and cost under $100. The best feature of a calcium-calcium battery is that it discharges very slowly. But because of the calcium alloy, overcharging them could lead to severe damage to the battery.

Valve regulated lead acid battery

Also referred to as VRLA battery, this one comes with valves that prevent the acid from leaking. This makes maintenance an easy task. There are two types of VRLA batteries. Gel based VRLA batteries add silicon to the mix which yields a viscous gel. These batteries aren’t preferred much because they fail to generate much power while starting up. Absorbed Glass Matt batteries generate needed power during startup and can handle frequent charging well. This makes them well sought in newer models of cars.

Deep cycle battery

These batteries have an extremely long life. Unfortunately they have a high rate of discharge in fuel powered cars. This makes them a better choice for electric cars, motor boats, and golf carts.



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